hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

Oddly enough, this election has never made me feel more racist in all my life..

Warning: This post is 100% angry, 0% intelligent.

It has nothing to do with Obama. I, in fact, voted for Obama.

What it has to do with is all the sheer craziness of this Prop 8 business. Those of you following current civil rights issues would know that back in June the California Supreme court found Prop 22 unconstitutional and gave queers and steers alike the right to marry by law. I was a junior in high school when prop 22 originally passed and was absolutely livid that it was even something to be voted on. I had the most immature argument in my life with a born-again evangelical that ended with my witty retort "you are fat and stupid, go fuck yourself."

Not my most charming moment.

This year, after countless moments of rage spurred by seeing the sneering faces of Yes on 8 yahoos, Ass and I decided to join the protesters on Sunrise and Greenback with our ghetto-ass "No on H8" signs.

Here is where I begin to feel genuinely racist, and in many senses a complete hypocrite:

Every single motherfucker out there holding a Yes on 8 sign came from the Slavic evangelical church. Everyone knows how I feel about Russians and for the most part that was just a petty joke; at this point? I am serious. It wasn't JUST because they were holding "Yes on 8" signs, whatever drives their opinion behind it is their's to have. Rather, it was the absolute immaturity, mean-spiritedness and ignorance they demonstrated. I know largely it is not their faults as the church brings them to this country and then teaches them THEIR idea of America.

However, there is nothing Christian and nothing American and nothing becoming about saying: "Suck my dick, lesbians." Or threatening to slit people's throats. Trying to push people into traffic. Calling us "stupid bitches".

I think the best, by far, was the person who told Ass "Fuck the constitution". The most disappointing thing isn't that they said that, its that they don't even appreciate -why- they are able to say it. My understanding is most of these people come from oppressed countries, if they are bitter and feel discriminated against here... I feel their behavior only further encourages such a sentiment.

I guess saying I hate them is a bit strong, it's more a great sense of frustration and pity. I pity them because I know it is not their fault and I am frustrated because I feel it is every citizens DUTY to be self-educated. And I guess I hate stupid-ass naturalized citizens who are equally pig-headed and ignorant just as much BUT, I feel as if anyone who as experienced extreme oppression should at least have one more inch of give than some gluttonous American prick who has always basked in the freedom of being allowed to have any ridiculous opinion of his choice.

I also have to admit, I felt mildly annoyed by the african-american swing to the Yes on 8 vote. As if all of them forgot or never bothered asking -why- marriage laws were ever put in place; to keep black people from marrying white people.

I think they are all valid and deserve the opinion that they have; I just know that a majority of them did not really put in very much work to come to their opinion or present it in a very thoughtful fashion AND THAT PISSES ME OFF.

I just wish people would read a book, read a book, read a motherfucking book. Oh, and then QUESTION THE BOOK AND ITS SOURCES AND READ SOME MORE BOOKS.
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