hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

Back to the old grindstone..

So.  I am employed at a real job once again.  I guess the one suck thing is that it's going to take a couple paychecks before I can get everything on the up and up enough to move out, soooo, I technically still have to do the Nanna job.

The Nanna job which is totally getting worse and worse everyday and my mom seems to think Nanna is a self-contained capable individual.  Somehow, she doesn't seem to realize it APPEARS that way because I run a tight damage control.

Oh well, this Best Buy Mobile job is kinda sweet and kinda gay at the same time. The awesome thing is everyone in the department makes a fat bonus based on our hours worked and the department NOP percent to budget.  The full-timer's spot I am taking had a 900 bills bonus last month, so I am thinking I might be able to spring myself out of this ridiculousness faster than I thought.

I wish I could say I was glad to be done with school or felt accomplished, but now it's just on to the next thing.
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