hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

I totally give the fuck up...

Every time I am ready to buckle down and put my nose to the grind, the smallest infraction on my part seems to cause some kind of cluster-fuck cosmic cause-and-effect that really just makes me want to give up.

In particular, I am referring to today. I am still not totally used to having morning classes, and though I went to bed early, for whatever reason my alarm was not turned on and I overslept.

No worries, I thought, 102 is a review, right? RIGHT. I'll just get ahead in other homework and reading and try to make my 152 drama class.

But then! As I headed to the shower to do that, the door bell rang and it was my very awesome neighbor across the street with some very not awesome news.

Someone smashed my passenger side window. And took the love of my life, my ipod. Now, in the end, I figure this is my own fault, keeping the ipod in the little velcroed goodie box that is easy to grab. At the same time, I like how plenty of times my door, because the actuator is fucking broke ass, has not locked when I thought it did and NO ONE TOOK SHIT FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS when my car was regularly parked out there. This time, I make a point to not leave my purse or any other shit in the car and ONE OF THOSE FAGGOT HOMELESS PUNK KIDS BREAKS THE FUCKING WINDOW. (and yes, I am going to assume it was one of them because my neighbor said he saw some girl walk by my car at 1:30am)

I don't even care about the goddamn ipod, I can totally live without it. But my car is a BMW, with a ridiculously huge window and my only way to get the 40 minutes to school, so how the fuck long is it going to take to fix?

Just... fuck it all.
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