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Headline of the day: The World is a Shitty Poo Poo Place (Sorry if you wanted this LJ-cut, but you can suck my balls! This idiocy will linger on your page forever, if only so I can lower your opinion of me.)

I just wanted to sum up the news for you all. I have to admit, it isn't the news about the invisible children of Uganda, the issues of Burma, the CHRISTIAN MARTYRS OF CHINA (God, what the fuck religion, are Christian's the only ones who suffer the effects of Communism, you dicks?), people getting raped and AIDS filled all over Africa and in other parts of the world. It isn't about Baby Grace, who now has a name like any sweet little blonde hair white girl who was beaten to death and throw in a large body of water should, nor about all the faceless and nameless children of non-mainstream ethnicities that good-fairing American citizens can't bring themselves to give a shit about it that brought me to this conclusion.

Rather, it was headlines about DANGERS OF ONLINE BULLYING, a woman triumphs over resorting to the invasive gastric by-pass free ticket to weight-loss by bravely undergoing the less-intrusive equally free-ticketed surgery of BANDING, that apparently no upper-middle class people decided to think there was a problem with black on black crime UNTIL A BELOVED FOOTBALL STAR WAS SHOT IN HIS OWN HOME, and that one contributor of the YouTube Rebublican Debate actually held up a bible and asked if the contenders believed in it (as a serious question).

These are all pithy, mindless news facts, yes. The difference between the aforementioned ones and the ones below in why they are depressing is vast. The problems of humans treating each other like shit is an age old fact of humanity, a fact of life. A fact of life that people have always somehow persevered through by believing that there was always hope for a better brighter tomorrow filled with individuals who wouldn't just "look the other way". However, the fact that some of the later mentioned, trivial news reels were some of the TOP VIEWED sort of takes all the hot air of any belief I can possibly muster for a better tomorrow. I see people in our country less empowered than even those who legitimately have no freedom what-so-ever.

When our children do bad things, we blame the electronic baby-sitters WE chose. When we inflate our bodies to the point of bad-health, rather than taking our own responsibility and working hard to reverse the effects WE caused, we look to professionals who will provide elaborate scientific excuses for our morbidly-fat asses and then staple our stomachs. The fact that some people use the more antiquated form of blinding themselves with religious faith seems far more excusable than this blind faith we put into this nebulous idea of technology, psychology, modernity, medicine and beyond.

I can at least forgive the guy who says gays shouldn't get married because it would make the Baby Jesus cry because the inherent necessity for ignorance in some of the more bible-thumping brands of Christianity in America demand that people be stupid and thus craft intentionally retarded human beings. And even a more objective view, they're not retarded, they're just a part of a time and place different than my own and we know what to expect from them. But, I don't know if I can really forgive the person who researches for hours and hours the easiest way to shave pounds and pounds of McDonalds off their body but can't be bothered to read up on other pressing social problems within our nation.

And even if they did, what difference could they make.. Just like their fat asses they'd be searching for the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem and then crack the champange as if they did something amazing after shuffling off their 30 bucks a month to some starving colored baby. Nice and sterile, they never have to face the truth or the guilt of completely ignoring it. And it is because of these people, that my overall believe that the world is a horrible place is fully and completely ratified.

It's not the rapists, the eugenicists, the warmongers, Bush, thieves, thugs, gangs, anti-social, murderers or pedophiles that really bring me to the sad conclusion that the world is a crappy shitty poo poo mc pooperson crapstar place. But rather, the people who shove criminals away to forget and not rehabilitate, people who elect Bush, other warmongers, eugenicists, people who take their happy pills and think their disease gives them reasons to not contribute in any way shape or form to anything, to pave over remains with money and crush worldly concerns under the tires of their European SUV that are the true scum of the earth.

And don't worry, I include myself in it. As I fret and worry from the sweet sweet confines of my BMW, expensive and fancy ipod blasting about my grades at my expensive American college and sip my expensive energy drink that someone convinced me into thinking my body needed and wear my sweat-shop made Armani-exchange shades... I look in my rear view mirror and I don't always see the road behind me, but I see the scum of the ear reflecting right back at me.

And in true American style, I keep driving. Locking my doors when guys with cardboard signs draw near and parking in handicap spaces I don't need.
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