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Doing something I hate to do...

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If you can't ready past this, I probably don't like you.


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Oddly enough, this election has never made me feel more racist in all my life..

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Warning: This post is 100% angry, 0% intelligent.

It has nothing to do with Obama. I, in fact, voted for Obama.

What it has to do with is all the sheer craziness of this Prop 8 business. Those of you following current civil rights issues would know that back in June the California Supreme court found Prop 22 unconstitutional and gave queers and steers alike the right to marry by law. I was a junior in high school when prop 22 originally passed and was absolutely livid that it was even something to be voted on. I had the most immature argument in my life with a born-again evangelical that ended with my witty retort "you are fat and stupid, go fuck yourself."

Not my most charming moment.

This year, after countless moments of rage spurred by seeing the sneering faces of Yes on 8 yahoos, Ass and I decided to join the protesters on Sunrise and Greenback with our ghetto-ass "No on H8" signs.

Here is where I begin to feel genuinely racist, and in many senses a complete hypocrite:

Every single motherfucker out there holding a Yes on 8 sign came from the Slavic evangelical church. Everyone knows how I feel about Russians and for the most part that was just a petty joke; at this point? I am serious. It wasn't JUST because they were holding "Yes on 8" signs, whatever drives their opinion behind it is their's to have. Rather, it was the absolute immaturity, mean-spiritedness and ignorance they demonstrated. I know largely it is not their faults as the church brings them to this country and then teaches them THEIR idea of America.

However, there is nothing Christian and nothing American and nothing becoming about saying: "Suck my dick, lesbians." Or threatening to slit people's throats. Trying to push people into traffic. Calling us "stupid bitches".

I think the best, by far, was the person who told Ass "Fuck the constitution". The most disappointing thing isn't that they said that, its that they don't even appreciate -why- they are able to say it. My understanding is most of these people come from oppressed countries, if they are bitter and feel discriminated against here... I feel their behavior only further encourages such a sentiment.

I guess saying I hate them is a bit strong, it's more a great sense of frustration and pity. I pity them because I know it is not their fault and I am frustrated because I feel it is every citizens DUTY to be self-educated. And I guess I hate stupid-ass naturalized citizens who are equally pig-headed and ignorant just as much BUT, I feel as if anyone who as experienced extreme oppression should at least have one more inch of give than some gluttonous American prick who has always basked in the freedom of being allowed to have any ridiculous opinion of his choice.

I also have to admit, I felt mildly annoyed by the african-american swing to the Yes on 8 vote. As if all of them forgot or never bothered asking -why- marriage laws were ever put in place; to keep black people from marrying white people.

I think they are all valid and deserve the opinion that they have; I just know that a majority of them did not really put in very much work to come to their opinion or present it in a very thoughtful fashion AND THAT PISSES ME OFF.

I just wish people would read a book, read a book, read a motherfucking book. Oh, and then QUESTION THE BOOK AND ITS SOURCES AND READ SOME MORE BOOKS.

holy shit

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who the fuck do i have to kill so i never have to hear:


explode out of my speakers ever again.

i am filled with just enough rage to go through it.

good news: i have a new ipod

bad news: i'm a shameless workaholic (this really isn't bad for me, probably just people who know me)

Seriously, I am fucking old.

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So, last night my homotastic Paul and I went to go see Tokio Hotel.  Clearly, we understood that this band had a bunch of Euro screaming fangirls that adored them, but we did not anticipate they would have a similar reception in the states.  On the contrary, we thought this would be a rather small and awesome venue at the Fillmore.

Let's say this, doors didn't open until 8, when we drove by at 5:45 the line was a mile long filled with 12-15 year olds sporting Hot Topic's entire catalogue and their parents. GAG.

Still, big enthusiastic crowd should mean a good show, right? WRONG.

It was like it was 90% of these kids first fucking concert.  I was smushed in between a bunch of ugly fangirls who had their gross curly hair DOWN GETTING CAUGHT IN MY BRACELETS, I couldn't see shit because they all had their fucking camera's up the entire fucking time, no one was dancing, so Paul and I could not go all out and rock out with our cocks out AND I COULD BARELY HEAR THE FUCKING BAND BECAUSE OF ALL THE TEENAGE SQUEALING.  Don't get me wrong, you should scream and shout for a preformer you like... BUT NOT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME I GO TO CONCERTS TO HEAR THE MUSIC.

Like seriously... for the people who plan on breeding, make sure to teach your spawn some concert ettiquite so I don't go to prison for breaking your 12 year old's face. I DON'T MIND PEOPLE TAKING PICTURES BUT HOW MANY FUCKING SHOTS DO YOU NEED?! AND ITS A CONCERT, FUCKING DANCE, WOULD YOU?

When Paul and I moved to the back it was all gravy, which we should've done sooner.  And they sang Monsoon in German for one of the encore preformances and were overall, really fucking awesome.  The version they did in english sounded like Kids Bop because everyone was 10 years old and singing along.

But yeah... I am totally old and cranky and am going to stick to 21 and up venues from now on.. or at least 18 and up venues.

Another plus of the night: To get my alcohol stamp, the guy spent 5 minutes checking my ID.  First because he didn't think I looked close to 21 and second because I don't look as ugly and fat anymore.  Score for me. 

Overall, I had fun, it was good times.  Oh, and Bill is a little to hrm.. gorgeous, I've decided I'll take the bassist.  He looks like we could flat iron our hair together and then go rock out to Iron Maiden and play some D&D.

I am alive.

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Just wanted to let you all know.

Back to the old grindstone..

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So.  I am employed at a real job once again.  I guess the one suck thing is that it's going to take a couple paychecks before I can get everything on the up and up enough to move out, soooo, I technically still have to do the Nanna job.

The Nanna job which is totally getting worse and worse everyday and my mom seems to think Nanna is a self-contained capable individual.  Somehow, she doesn't seem to realize it APPEARS that way because I run a tight damage control.

Oh well, this Best Buy Mobile job is kinda sweet and kinda gay at the same time. The awesome thing is everyone in the department makes a fat bonus based on our hours worked and the department NOP percent to budget.  The full-timer's spot I am taking had a 900 bills bonus last month, so I am thinking I might be able to spring myself out of this ridiculousness faster than I thought.

I wish I could say I was glad to be done with school or felt accomplished, but now it's just on to the next thing.


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YOUR MOM!!!!1111111

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.... is cordially invited to my graduation party!

When: June 14th, ~5-6pm start time (I am not too sure when I'll get back from Davis so I thought this would be a decent neutral time)

Where: My awesome house

What???? Most stuff is going to be provided by momma moneybags, so only bring something if you -want- to. Definitely bring a TOWEL at the very least if you're going to swim. You -can- go naked, but I might have to pretend like I don't know you when some of my relatives ask who the fuck you are.

Who? You, asshole.

RVSVP: Here, queer. Or on myspace, where this will be cross posted in good time.


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Uh, do any of you have any clue as to where I should look for my digital camera? I can't find it >_>


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Ass is returning from her navy voyage of poop and you are cordially invited to attend a drunken celebration at my house starting at 2:30 pm Saturday May 10th.

Bring some booze and some nibblies.. and a towel if you intend to swim.

Oh and post a fucking reply if you're comming or not FFS, DICKS.

Thinking ahead...

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What with my graduation coming up, and thus a strict need to focus on what the hell I'll be doing with my future, I have decided that the only logical solution after amassing this wealth of worthless knowledge is to work hard enough to save up for a quaint hermitage and park myself there for the rest of my life.


But no, I am not sure if the bad mood is a lingering dark cloud after leaving Japan (which has nothing to do with Japan itself most likely, more so with being away from the endless vexation of my family), the monotony of my daily life with someone who needs all things repeated 10 times a day every single day, the annoyance of sharing the house with an adult who is incapable of empathizing or even stopping to ponder that other people have feelings and responsibilities that reside outside of themselves or if perhaps I am just going mad and am blowing all of these things out of proportion for the sake of having my own pity party. I am sure all of these are at fault!

But in the end, I grow less and less interested in talking/doing/seeing anyone and anything for any reason. If it was even moderately reasonable, I'd make a bed in my closet and hibernate for the rest of my life. As is, I think I'll just make a paper chain, one for each day when I can move my miserable self to a new miserable place and be miserably alone (something of my own doing) all by myself.

Which makes a lot more sense than being miserably alone with your family, for sure.

Well, I bet you guys are glad I updated!

A what?

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I heard apparently we're supposed to strike or something today.

I am not really certain what LJ ever did to deserve a strike and I never post and really couldn't give a shit... but the idea of shitting in a bunch of nerds cheerios by posting and commenting as much as possible today kinda gets me hard.

Oh, btw, I am done with finals. I am going to graduate next quarter. And I am pretty stoked that Ass is coming back.

The End.

The Bad News Bears....

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Well, Issue 1: the class I needed to graduate is not being offered this spring. Issue 2: the study abroad program that is covering it is full. Issue 3: I am just going to take this in stride and get over it. (but not without trying to pull as many strings as possible, dag-nabbit!) I have no idea what this means for Japan. Over the last 3 weeks, I have taken the reletively benign occurances as a lesson in not planning and not hoping for anything beyond right now. Not out of laziness, more out of being properly prepared for when nothing goes my way, which seems to be a new cosmic law that will be soon published in some fascinating scentific research journal. I think it's the cosmic extension of , which makes my life exciting all the time! Oh boy!

Why I am really and truly posting is more on the subject of things at the forefront of Because, you know, there is nothing else to do when you're all caught up on homework and have a two hour break in between classes!

I have but this meager offering in the realm of politics, deligates and voters. All of this campainging is much like a typical factoring machine word problem that you tackle in oh, 3rd grade. What goes in, must come out and it does so in a perfectly formulated response.

Whether you got Ombamania or Hilarity or you're Ron Paul's Political Paramour, if all you add to the discussion and feedback is nit-picking, ridiculous and substanceless concerns (ie. Bill Clinton standing up for a heckler, which I thought was pretty titties), that is pretty much all you're going to get back from them. So instead of nitpicking how the guy you don't like is a doody head, why don't you (and I mean you as being everyone but the people probably reading this) try taking up issues of substance and perhaps they will, too.

Just as much as it is the medias fault for only displaying the most ridiculous highlights of speeches and debate, it is the publics responsiblity for BUYING INTO IT. And I just wish people would stop and question their TV once in a while. Anyone remember when entertainment could also provoke relevent thought rather than just mindless entertainment? Well, obviously no one in mainstream dumbfuck America does.

On the up side to it all, that's pretty much the only response I have to all the he-said-she-said shinanigans and most likely this will be the last we hear of politics in this journal until we have a new president, who I can only realistically hope to just not be as big a fucktard as our last one. Seriously, decent is not even on the horizon and I thing putting great and president together anymore is an oxymoron.



I totally give the fuck up...

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Every time I am ready to buckle down and put my nose to the grind, the smallest infraction on my part seems to cause some kind of cluster-fuck cosmic cause-and-effect that really just makes me want to give up.

In particular, I am referring to today. I am still not totally used to having morning classes, and though I went to bed early, for whatever reason my alarm was not turned on and I overslept.

No worries, I thought, 102 is a review, right? RIGHT. I'll just get ahead in other homework and reading and try to make my 152 drama class.

But then! As I headed to the shower to do that, the door bell rang and it was my very awesome neighbor across the street with some very not awesome news.

Someone smashed my passenger side window. And took the love of my life, my ipod. Now, in the end, I figure this is my own fault, keeping the ipod in the little velcroed goodie box that is easy to grab. At the same time, I like how plenty of times my door, because the actuator is fucking broke ass, has not locked when I thought it did and NO ONE TOOK SHIT FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS when my car was regularly parked out there. This time, I make a point to not leave my purse or any other shit in the car and ONE OF THOSE FAGGOT HOMELESS PUNK KIDS BREAKS THE FUCKING WINDOW. (and yes, I am going to assume it was one of them because my neighbor said he saw some girl walk by my car at 1:30am)

I don't even care about the goddamn ipod, I can totally live without it. But my car is a BMW, with a ridiculously huge window and my only way to get the 40 minutes to school, so how the fuck long is it going to take to fix?

Just... fuck it all.

Happy Christmas

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In this time of great woe in modern society, let's take time to forget the add campaigns telling us what to vote for and who to buy and remember the true spirit of the season.

Subjegating all other solstice holidays with the birth of the GREAT JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The most amazing rock star to have ever lived a self-destructive life.

But seriously, happy holidays you crazy kids!

PS. Nessa's going to be a rockstar and a legit guitar hero with her shiny new Yamaha APX500

2nite 2nite

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Who is down for going to Club 21 tonight?


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Sucked balls and I am glad it, and this fucking quarter, is over.

Now. Who wants to get me drunk? Call me.


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So. Good news: aced that oral exam. HA HA HA ORAL.

Mediocre news: HOLY BALLS IT IS FINALS WEEK. I am like a quarter through each of the papers I am supposed to write, but I am very much not feeling them. Oh well, I'll manage, right?

Poopy news: After having no written exams the entire quarter in my religious studies class, my teacher decided that to give a written final worth 30% of your grade would be an amazing idea. Sir, wtf, it took most people the entire quarter to figure out just what you wanted in our reflection papers because you're so vague and gay. And now we're going to have to hope on a wing and a prayer that we can accurately figure out what you want for this retarded written final that can make or break my stellar-thus-far grade? Fuck you, sir.

Fuck you and your utter abuse of the word "explicate".

That said, I did have some chance to decompress a bit over the weekend with playing ROCKBAND, and oh how I love that game. And in other good news, I just have to drag my ass through the next four days and then I'll be done for the quarter and ready to get utterly buttfucking shittymcshitfaced.

Who wants to join me?


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I am just quietly sitting here.

Freaking out about my Japanese oral test.

To the extent where I am getting nothing out of my review, except an intense need to spew my breakfast.

It'll be fine. DEAR GOD LET IT BE OKAY, OKAY?!


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Headline of the day: The World is a Shitty Poo Poo Place (Sorry if you wanted this LJ-cut, but you can suck my balls! This idiocy will linger on your page forever, if only so I can lower your opinion of me.)

I just wanted to sum up the news for you all. I have to admit, it isn't the news about the invisible children of Uganda, the issues of Burma, the CHRISTIAN MARTYRS OF CHINA (God, what the fuck religion, are Christian's the only ones who suffer the effects of Communism, you dicks?), people getting raped and AIDS filled all over Africa and in other parts of the world. It isn't about Baby Grace, who now has a name like any sweet little blonde hair white girl who was beaten to death and throw in a large body of water should, nor about all the faceless and nameless children of non-mainstream ethnicities that good-fairing American citizens can't bring themselves to give a shit about it that brought me to this conclusion.

Rather, it was headlines about DANGERS OF ONLINE BULLYING, a woman triumphs over resorting to the invasive gastric by-pass free ticket to weight-loss by bravely undergoing the less-intrusive equally free-ticketed surgery of BANDING, that apparently no upper-middle class people decided to think there was a problem with black on black crime UNTIL A BELOVED FOOTBALL STAR WAS SHOT IN HIS OWN HOME, and that one contributor of the YouTube Rebublican Debate actually held up a bible and asked if the contenders believed in it (as a serious question).

These are all pithy, mindless news facts, yes. The difference between the aforementioned ones and the ones below in why they are depressing is vast. The problems of humans treating each other like shit is an age old fact of humanity, a fact of life. A fact of life that people have always somehow persevered through by believing that there was always hope for a better brighter tomorrow filled with individuals who wouldn't just "look the other way". However, the fact that some of the later mentioned, trivial news reels were some of the TOP VIEWED sort of takes all the hot air of any belief I can possibly muster for a better tomorrow. I see people in our country less empowered than even those who legitimately have no freedom what-so-ever.

When our children do bad things, we blame the electronic baby-sitters WE chose. When we inflate our bodies to the point of bad-health, rather than taking our own responsibility and working hard to reverse the effects WE caused, we look to professionals who will provide elaborate scientific excuses for our morbidly-fat asses and then staple our stomachs. The fact that some people use the more antiquated form of blinding themselves with religious faith seems far more excusable than this blind faith we put into this nebulous idea of technology, psychology, modernity, medicine and beyond.

I can at least forgive the guy who says gays shouldn't get married because it would make the Baby Jesus cry because the inherent necessity for ignorance in some of the more bible-thumping brands of Christianity in America demand that people be stupid and thus craft intentionally retarded human beings. And even a more objective view, they're not retarded, they're just a part of a time and place different than my own and we know what to expect from them. But, I don't know if I can really forgive the person who researches for hours and hours the easiest way to shave pounds and pounds of McDonalds off their body but can't be bothered to read up on other pressing social problems within our nation.

And even if they did, what difference could they make.. Just like their fat asses they'd be searching for the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem and then crack the champange as if they did something amazing after shuffling off their 30 bucks a month to some starving colored baby. Nice and sterile, they never have to face the truth or the guilt of completely ignoring it. And it is because of these people, that my overall believe that the world is a horrible place is fully and completely ratified.

It's not the rapists, the eugenicists, the warmongers, Bush, thieves, thugs, gangs, anti-social, murderers or pedophiles that really bring me to the sad conclusion that the world is a crappy shitty poo poo mc pooperson crapstar place. But rather, the people who shove criminals away to forget and not rehabilitate, people who elect Bush, other warmongers, eugenicists, people who take their happy pills and think their disease gives them reasons to not contribute in any way shape or form to anything, to pave over remains with money and crush worldly concerns under the tires of their European SUV that are the true scum of the earth.

And don't worry, I include myself in it. As I fret and worry from the sweet sweet confines of my BMW, expensive and fancy ipod blasting about my grades at my expensive American college and sip my expensive energy drink that someone convinced me into thinking my body needed and wear my sweat-shop made Armani-exchange shades... I look in my rear view mirror and I don't always see the road behind me, but I see the scum of the ear reflecting right back at me.

And in true American style, I keep driving. Locking my doors when guys with cardboard signs draw near and parking in handicap spaces I don't need.

mood: retarded

It's turkeyday...

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And as such, I should be talking about turkey related things.  But instead, I am going to talk about important Thursday night issues, like Grey's Anatomy.

tonight's episode featured Brian Kinney!Collapse )

Perhaps this amusing misheard lyric is an omen for the day..

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Nothing makes me feel good about my day like finding something to laugh at within 30 minutes of being conscious.

"I am so scared of cornbread.."


Are you kidding me..

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So, today I had the esteemed pleasure horror of viewing President Bush's Veteran's Day speech from Waco, TX. To be honest, in some ways I am speechless and some ways I am not shocked at all by the absolutely retarded things he said. Certainly, he more than anyone should be obligated to honor all the men and women he has sent off on his personal campaign, which to his credit he did. But of course, being the broken record that he is, he could not simply help but remind us of how IMPORTANT THE WAR ON TERROR IS TO SPREADING FREEDOM and basically used Veteran's Day as the world's most inappropriate forum to honor his convictions behind the war, not the troops.

After eight long years, I know he is a man of limited mental capacity and a dreadful public speaker, but after listening to his speech I have to wonder if his speech writer is striking with all the other members of the Writer's Guild. He also is just showing up to be a man of limited remorse. Oh yes, he managed to get choked up talking about all the troops that have been sacrificed in Iraq TO SPREAD FREEDOM and promptly noted how the pride brought to the families will never fill the hole in their hearts, and then just as quickly turned to continue talking up how important this war is, not really how amazing the troops are. They are simply, once more, the fodder to stoke the flame of his convictions in the public eye.

And though I know it does not matter, and nothing I am saying is something that has yet to be said, but I just can't take it anymore.

Look, no one is going to believe in this war anymore. Even if you did to begin with, I think chances of people giving your stupid confused face a nice pat on the back are few and far between. Was it really so much to ask to go up, on a day where you more than anyone else should be honoring these people, and do it without politics, without and agenda, without manipulation and instead at least PRETEND to be compassionate, classy and heartfelt for all Veterans? Not just the one's who died for your ideals? Really, Mr. Bush, bad form, once again.

My family does not really have a long tradition of military service, at least not as distinguished as some other people's. Largely, I can very rarely think of anything good to say about any of the wars we've been in, in fact. But I must admit, that never would I make light of anyone's service or impose my interpretation of what they really died or fought for on them. And frankly, I am pissed at the horrific job he did to honor these men and women.

Veteran's Day, at a glance, only effects me because I get a three-day weekend, I can take advantage of great shopping sales, and catch up on all the papers I need to write. There really is not anyone in particular I am supposed to honor in my family, and if there are, obviously no one else gives a crap. But, there are in fact many people I know that this day is important to and there are plenty of people to be honored, whether they are family or strangers and it is perhaps one of the few things I don't feel particularly inclined to make light of.

Edit: Also, I think what I failed to make clear is my disgust comes from Bush boxing all veterans into his tiny little zone of battling terror and using their day as a platform to support his agenda.  In this, I am not talking down vets who do believe in Bush's cause, but I am pointing out there are people who fight or fought for other reasons and I recognize them, as well, and so should he.  People who fight for what's moral right, to feed their families, to better themselves and their education through the military, to better humanity.  Whatever the reason anyone enlists is one worthy of honoring.

The Darjeeling Limited

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I have to say, I fucking adored this movie, I think I even enjoyed it a little bit more than the Life Aquatic. There are probably a lot of people who are quick to scoff at Wes Anderson's style, after all his films have very repetitive themes, he is relentlessly married to certain cliche movie tricks, and the repetitive nature is only sealed by the fact that he uses nearly the exact same cast for every film. But we'd be doing ourself a disservice to just judge everything based on that, sure he is guilty of all things said above, but he does them in such a charming way that I can't help but adore it.

It is as if, in addition to just the very stage theater style of his films there is this uncanny literary experience that I cannot seem to describe. I always find that there are these mundane situations presented in amazing books that authors can craft into seeming ethereal, bizarrely romantic, or intensely sickening. You know, simple things like sitting on a train, eating a bagel, fucking some girl. There is something about certain authors--in this respect the only one that comes to my mind right now is Kenzaburo Oe, but there are others!--that will never fully translate into film.

But I totally get that feeling with Wes Anderson's stuff! He picks the same group of actors because they're like his personal little troop, his directing and writing can only take it so far, they have to help mold that experience.

Which leads me to Adrien Brody's character. I think I could watch the movie forever because of his character, (I could probably also watch the movie forever because I also really really really really want that Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Luggage set and because India is PRETTY).

Anyway, go and see it and see for yourself. If nothing else, it'll at least leave you with a good and nostalgic hankering for a bloody mary.

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