hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

Seriously, I am fucking old.

So, last night my homotastic Paul and I went to go see Tokio Hotel.  Clearly, we understood that this band had a bunch of Euro screaming fangirls that adored them, but we did not anticipate they would have a similar reception in the states.  On the contrary, we thought this would be a rather small and awesome venue at the Fillmore.

Let's say this, doors didn't open until 8, when we drove by at 5:45 the line was a mile long filled with 12-15 year olds sporting Hot Topic's entire catalogue and their parents. GAG.

Still, big enthusiastic crowd should mean a good show, right? WRONG.

It was like it was 90% of these kids first fucking concert.  I was smushed in between a bunch of ugly fangirls who had their gross curly hair DOWN GETTING CAUGHT IN MY BRACELETS, I couldn't see shit because they all had their fucking camera's up the entire fucking time, no one was dancing, so Paul and I could not go all out and rock out with our cocks out AND I COULD BARELY HEAR THE FUCKING BAND BECAUSE OF ALL THE TEENAGE SQUEALING.  Don't get me wrong, you should scream and shout for a preformer you like... BUT NOT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME I GO TO CONCERTS TO HEAR THE MUSIC.

Like seriously... for the people who plan on breeding, make sure to teach your spawn some concert ettiquite so I don't go to prison for breaking your 12 year old's face. I DON'T MIND PEOPLE TAKING PICTURES BUT HOW MANY FUCKING SHOTS DO YOU NEED?! AND ITS A CONCERT, FUCKING DANCE, WOULD YOU?

When Paul and I moved to the back it was all gravy, which we should've done sooner.  And they sang Monsoon in German for one of the encore preformances and were overall, really fucking awesome.  The version they did in english sounded like Kids Bop because everyone was 10 years old and singing along.

But yeah... I am totally old and cranky and am going to stick to 21 and up venues from now on.. or at least 18 and up venues.

Another plus of the night: To get my alcohol stamp, the guy spent 5 minutes checking my ID.  First because he didn't think I looked close to 21 and second because I don't look as ugly and fat anymore.  Score for me. 

Overall, I had fun, it was good times.  Oh, and Bill is a little to hrm.. gorgeous, I've decided I'll take the bassist.  He looks like we could flat iron our hair together and then go rock out to Iron Maiden and play some D&D.
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