hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

YOUR MOM!!!!1111111

.... is cordially invited to my graduation party!

When: June 14th, ~5-6pm start time (I am not too sure when I'll get back from Davis so I thought this would be a decent neutral time)

Where: My awesome house

What???? Most stuff is going to be provided by momma moneybags, so only bring something if you -want- to. Definitely bring a TOWEL at the very least if you're going to swim. You -can- go naked, but I might have to pretend like I don't know you when some of my relatives ask who the fuck you are.

Who? You, asshole.

RVSVP: Here, queer. Or on myspace, where this will be cross posted in good time.
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