hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus... (necrofish) wrote,
hating you like a rebelious teen hates Jesus...

Thinking ahead...

What with my graduation coming up, and thus a strict need to focus on what the hell I'll be doing with my future, I have decided that the only logical solution after amassing this wealth of worthless knowledge is to work hard enough to save up for a quaint hermitage and park myself there for the rest of my life.


But no, I am not sure if the bad mood is a lingering dark cloud after leaving Japan (which has nothing to do with Japan itself most likely, more so with being away from the endless vexation of my family), the monotony of my daily life with someone who needs all things repeated 10 times a day every single day, the annoyance of sharing the house with an adult who is incapable of empathizing or even stopping to ponder that other people have feelings and responsibilities that reside outside of themselves or if perhaps I am just going mad and am blowing all of these things out of proportion for the sake of having my own pity party. I am sure all of these are at fault!

But in the end, I grow less and less interested in talking/doing/seeing anyone and anything for any reason. If it was even moderately reasonable, I'd make a bed in my closet and hibernate for the rest of my life. As is, I think I'll just make a paper chain, one for each day when I can move my miserable self to a new miserable place and be miserably alone (something of my own doing) all by myself.

Which makes a lot more sense than being miserably alone with your family, for sure.

Well, I bet you guys are glad I updated!
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