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The Bad News Bears....

Well, Issue 1: the class I needed to graduate is not being offered this spring. Issue 2: the study abroad program that is covering it is full. Issue 3: I am just going to take this in stride and get over it. (but not without trying to pull as many strings as possible, dag-nabbit!) I have no idea what this means for Japan. Over the last 3 weeks, I have taken the reletively benign occurances as a lesson in not planning and not hoping for anything beyond right now. Not out of laziness, more out of being properly prepared for when nothing goes my way, which seems to be a new cosmic law that will be soon published in some fascinating scentific research journal. I think it's the cosmic extension of , which makes my life exciting all the time! Oh boy!

Why I am really and truly posting is more on the subject of things at the forefront of cnn.com. Because, you know, there is nothing else to do when you're all caught up on homework and have a two hour break in between classes!

I have but this meager offering in the realm of politics, deligates and voters. All of this campainging is much like a typical factoring machine word problem that you tackle in oh, 3rd grade. What goes in, must come out and it does so in a perfectly formulated response.

Whether you got Ombamania or Hilarity or you're Ron Paul's Political Paramour, if all you add to the discussion and feedback is nit-picking, ridiculous and substanceless concerns (ie. Bill Clinton standing up for a heckler, which I thought was pretty titties), that is pretty much all you're going to get back from them. So instead of nitpicking how the guy you don't like is a doody head, why don't you (and I mean you as being everyone but the people probably reading this) try taking up issues of substance and perhaps they will, too.

Just as much as it is the medias fault for only displaying the most ridiculous highlights of speeches and debate, it is the publics responsiblity for BUYING INTO IT. And I just wish people would stop and question their TV once in a while. Anyone remember when entertainment could also provoke relevent thought rather than just mindless entertainment? Well, obviously no one in mainstream dumbfuck America does.

On the up side to it all, that's pretty much the only response I have to all the he-said-she-said shinanigans and most likely this will be the last we hear of politics in this journal until we have a new president, who I can only realistically hope to just not be as big a fucktard as our last one. Seriously, decent is not even on the horizon and I thing putting great and president together anymore is an oxymoron.



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