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Are you kidding me..

So, today I had the esteemed pleasure horror of viewing President Bush's Veteran's Day speech from Waco, TX. To be honest, in some ways I am speechless and some ways I am not shocked at all by the absolutely retarded things he said. Certainly, he more than anyone should be obligated to honor all the men and women he has sent off on his personal campaign, which to his credit he did. But of course, being the broken record that he is, he could not simply help but remind us of how IMPORTANT THE WAR ON TERROR IS TO SPREADING FREEDOM and basically used Veteran's Day as the world's most inappropriate forum to honor his convictions behind the war, not the troops.

After eight long years, I know he is a man of limited mental capacity and a dreadful public speaker, but after listening to his speech I have to wonder if his speech writer is striking with all the other members of the Writer's Guild. He also is just showing up to be a man of limited remorse. Oh yes, he managed to get choked up talking about all the troops that have been sacrificed in Iraq TO SPREAD FREEDOM and promptly noted how the pride brought to the families will never fill the hole in their hearts, and then just as quickly turned to continue talking up how important this war is, not really how amazing the troops are. They are simply, once more, the fodder to stoke the flame of his convictions in the public eye.

And though I know it does not matter, and nothing I am saying is something that has yet to be said, but I just can't take it anymore.

Look, no one is going to believe in this war anymore. Even if you did to begin with, I think chances of people giving your stupid confused face a nice pat on the back are few and far between. Was it really so much to ask to go up, on a day where you more than anyone else should be honoring these people, and do it without politics, without and agenda, without manipulation and instead at least PRETEND to be compassionate, classy and heartfelt for all Veterans? Not just the one's who died for your ideals? Really, Mr. Bush, bad form, once again.

My family does not really have a long tradition of military service, at least not as distinguished as some other people's. Largely, I can very rarely think of anything good to say about any of the wars we've been in, in fact. But I must admit, that never would I make light of anyone's service or impose my interpretation of what they really died or fought for on them. And frankly, I am pissed at the horrific job he did to honor these men and women.

Veteran's Day, at a glance, only effects me because I get a three-day weekend, I can take advantage of great shopping sales, and catch up on all the papers I need to write. There really is not anyone in particular I am supposed to honor in my family, and if there are, obviously no one else gives a crap. But, there are in fact many people I know that this day is important to and there are plenty of people to be honored, whether they are family or strangers and it is perhaps one of the few things I don't feel particularly inclined to make light of.

Edit: Also, I think what I failed to make clear is my disgust comes from Bush boxing all veterans into his tiny little zone of battling terror and using their day as a platform to support his agenda.  In this, I am not talking down vets who do believe in Bush's cause, but I am pointing out there are people who fight or fought for other reasons and I recognize them, as well, and so should he.  People who fight for what's moral right, to feed their families, to better themselves and their education through the military, to better humanity.  Whatever the reason anyone enlists is one worthy of honoring.
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