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The Darjeeling Limited

I have to say, I fucking adored this movie, I think I even enjoyed it a little bit more than the Life Aquatic. There are probably a lot of people who are quick to scoff at Wes Anderson's style, after all his films have very repetitive themes, he is relentlessly married to certain cliche movie tricks, and the repetitive nature is only sealed by the fact that he uses nearly the exact same cast for every film. But we'd be doing ourself a disservice to just judge everything based on that, sure he is guilty of all things said above, but he does them in such a charming way that I can't help but adore it.

It is as if, in addition to just the very stage theater style of his films there is this uncanny literary experience that I cannot seem to describe. I always find that there are these mundane situations presented in amazing books that authors can craft into seeming ethereal, bizarrely romantic, or intensely sickening. You know, simple things like sitting on a train, eating a bagel, fucking some girl. There is something about certain authors--in this respect the only one that comes to my mind right now is Kenzaburo Oe, but there are others!--that will never fully translate into film.

But I totally get that feeling with Wes Anderson's stuff! He picks the same group of actors because they're like his personal little troop, his directing and writing can only take it so far, they have to help mold that experience.

Which leads me to Adrien Brody's character. I think I could watch the movie forever because of his character, (I could probably also watch the movie forever because I also really really really really want that Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Luggage set and because India is PRETTY).

Anyway, go and see it and see for yourself. If nothing else, it'll at least leave you with a good and nostalgic hankering for a bloody mary.
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